1 -From Val Fiorentina path n° 467 1 hour – Route of Val Fiorentina between Selva di Cadore and Staulanza Pass (parking at 1663 m.). From there along a strada forestale (no cars allowed) you will reach the Rifugio(1917 m) after passing in front of Malga Fiorentina(1799m);

2 – From Staulanza Pass(1766 m) path n° 472 – 1,15 hours – From Staulanza Pass with a short ascent you reach the path n° 472 that brings to Rifugio Città di Fiume. The path go through the gravels underneath Pelmetto;

3 – From Borca di Cadore/Serdes – path. n° 468. The path goes up slowly to the meadows around the Taulà de Tiera (1271m) from where you have a wonderful eyesight on Pelmo, Sorapis, Marmarole and Antelao. Keep the left. The path rise the wooded slope of Crepe of Ruton above the Orsolina valley (direction West). Turn left at Ponte intrà les Agnes (1379 m). Path n° 468 goes through Forada valley rising quickly (direction South- West) until the limit of vegetation; you will see Casera Corrotto, in ruin, on your right. Reach the Forada Pass (1977 m), then, always following path n° 468, you will have another short rise on the side of Crepes the Beches and after you will go down (direction north) to Rifugio Città di Fiume (1917 m);

4 -From Passo Giau – Path. n° 436 – 3,30 hours – After you surpass Forcella Col Piombin and sucessively Forcella Giau (2360 m) the path goes down in the magnificent plain of Mondeval, underneath the Lastoi de Formin. You will rise to Forcellla Ambrizzola (2277m) and Forcella Col Duro (2293 m), then pass Malga Prendera (2148 m) and Forcella Roan (1999m). After passing Forcella della Puina (2034 m) you will come down to Rifugio Città di Fiume (1917 m);

5 – From Rifugio Croda da Lago G.Palmieri (2046 m) – Path. n° 434 – 2,30 hours – Forc. Ambrizzola (2277 m) – Forc. Col Duro (2293 m) – Malga Prendera (2148 m) – Forc. Roan (1999 m) – Forc. della Puina (2034 m) – Rifugio Città di Fiume (1917 m);

6 – From Rifugio A.M. de Luca/Venezia (1947 m) – Path. n° 472 – 3,30 hours – Follow path n° 472 in direction Forcella Staulanza. Keep the right to reach Rifugio Città di Fiume(1917 m).