Built on the site of the old Malga Durona it was inaugurated on 20th September 1964 and, frm more than fourty years, it’s name bears testimony to the Fiume’s exilees . The “Malga” is the typical housing of this valleys: the basement is maded with a local kind of stones while the upper part (roof included) is wooden made . The ground floor, with its three arched spaces (rooms), is almost the unique exemple conserved in this area of the traditional cowshed. Builded in the 1600 Malga Durona was destinated to pastoral activities (sheeps) and in the 1833 was indicated in the topographic map of Regno Lombardo Veneto. The actual building date back to the 1924; at that period several restores were made to repair the damages of the war. Further modifications were made in the 1964 when the building is turned from cowshed into Rifugio.