Frequently Asked Questions

What are the rules to access the refuge?

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the law dispositions currently in effect that regard it, some precautions will have to be taken and eventually updated if new regulations are approved.

 To access the refuge:

  • Access to the refuge is not allowed if showing fever symptoms, cough, cold or respiratory difficulties.
  • It’s mandatory to keep social distancing of at least one meter.
  • It’s mandatory to have personal face masks and sanitizer.
  • It’s mandatory to use a face mask that covers nose and mouth in all the areas inside the refuge. Moments of meals (dinner, breakfast, lunch) remain excluded from this requirement, if seated at the table.
  • It’s mandatory to frequently sanitize hands and use alcohol-based liquid for sanitizing.


Who is subject to social distancing?

Family members and people from the same household are excepted from the requirement of distancing, therefore can be accommodated in the same room. The refuge has rooms for up to 4 people.

What’s the offer for half board dinner?

The dinner for half board is rich and balanced and has always been appreciated by hikers. It consists of 2 rich portions of choice between 3 first courses and 4 main courses, complemented with vegetables and bread.


Are there vegetarian and vegan options?

In the menu there are always vegetarian and vegan dishes included.

What does the breakfast consist of?

The continental style breakfast is served at the table or at the buffet and contains fresh and warm beverages, bread, rusks, assorted jams and spreads, yogurt and variety of cereals, cheese, and cured meats.

Can I fill my water bottle?

The refuge doesn’t dispose of a system for drinkable water. For the kitchen use, water is transported with tanks from the nearest supply point, that is 6 km away. For this reason, drinkable water is served only in bottles.


Can pets enter?

The impossibility to host pets in the rooms and dormitory remains confirmed. They can enter the restaurant on a leash, if the general situation allows it, according to unquestionable judgement of the manager.

Is there Wi-Fi?

For the room guests the use of the Wi-Fi network is included.

What are the available options for overnight stay?

The building of Città di Fiume refuge is very old, therefor the space is limited. Differently from previous years, in which regulations for the prevention and containment of the disease of Covid-19, the rooms available are at an inferior number and can only welcome small groups of people from the same household or groups of friends that don’t require social distancing.

The common dormitory can welcome a smaller number of hikers.

Do I need to bring a sleeping bag or a sleeping liner?

The use of a personal sleeping liner is required. If someone happens to forget their sleeping liner, it’s possible to purchase a TNT one at the refuge.

Are there covers available?

Sanitized covers are available. 

Are there private use bathrooms?

The refuge doesn’t have private bathrooms but only a common lavatory at the room and dormitory floor.

Is the shower available?

It is not available at this time! Fortunately, during summer, the refuge doesn’t have problems with sanitized water – unless there are general hydrological issues – therefor it is possible to freshen up with the many lavatories.

Are there available towels?

It’s possible to rent the towel.

Are slippers required?

Before accessing the rooms it’s necessary to remove the boots and leave them at the designated shelves. For the private room guests the use of daily sanitized slippers is included in the price.